Salon hung gallery wall in our showroom


Kurian & Co / Frame & Display provides a wide range of framing, exhibition and installation solutions to be sure your art is framed and displayed in the best possible way, whether in a home, public collection, art gallery, or art fair.

Custom Framing

We offer a large selection of hand made finished-corner frames to choose from when deciding how to frame your artwork. In addition to our standard designs we are happy to work with you to design custom profiles and finishes to best meet your vision and needs. We offer a wide range of materials and solutions for fitting artworks to frames to ensure that you expectations for displaying your artwork are met.

Custom Fabrication

We are happy to work with you to fabricating items that cross over into being important and integral elements of the objects to be displayed.

We have fabricated everything from custom pedestals designed and finished according to the artist’s vision that function as a part of the artwork to internal support structures that are not seen but are necessary for stability and display.

Custom panels and supports for paintings and other artworks can be made in a wide variety of forms, shapes and sizes.

Please feel free to reach out with your project or problem; we love a challenge! If we are ultimately unable to help you with a solution, we can point you to someone who can.

Exhibition Furniture

In addition to framing we offer other solutions for displaying your artworks including, pedestals, floating shelves, tables, vitrines and acrylic boxes.